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Chi and Creativity

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Wow is this book incredible. It is a fusion of everything Taoist. It is a whole path that could be taken and personalized from page one and from a beginner to any level. The main theme of the book is of meditation and reflection. Using meditation to bring about memories and images to reflect upon and interpret. The whole book has tons of greats meditations and great journal exercises and art projects to help your understanding of yourself. It goes through Zhan Zhuang, acupressure points with it's correlating meridians, organs, element. Intro to Tiger Breath qigong, qigong to increase creativity, and a bunch more. It's extremely integral, personalize-able, and more holistic than any other one book i've come across. Extremely useful for anyone in parapsychology, qigong, healing, all occult and earthly healing on any level.

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