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Hello i'm Naturhigh

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Hello Friends of Energy.


I'm Naturhigh, that means high by nature and I'm born, grew up and still living in Germany.

I'm interested in studying QiGong ethnologically trough psychedelics like LSD, San Pedro or Magic Mushrooms.

Also to link with their energy through QiGong technique e.g. with San Pedro or the Ayahuasca plant.

I'm doing all this on my own risk.


And also i have started to show the world the forms I've learned through Psychedelic experiences, intuition and Vision while practicing, that i called "Psychedelic QiGong Meditation." You can find my channel on Youtube.

I'm also interested what other QiGong people think about my art to practice and learn, because know i think my Psychedelic QiGong is one of the most powerful on earth in both, nourishing in the daily practice and learning through the Masters within the psychedelics and intuition. And I'm sure in short I'm capable of teleportation and other cool thinks with it. ;)


I hope we have a good time here together.


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