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Hello everyone, I am a new member here.  Here are some ramblings to get to know me!


I have spent weeks introspecting and analyzing my principles and values with the help of AI, only to discover that they often contradict my Western perspective. For me, the world serves as a mirror for self-reflection rather than a stage for performance. I am here to transform myself, not my surroundings. My studies in electrical engineering have revealed intriguing cosmic mirrors that seem to hold profound wisdom.  All of this leads me to search for new truths and now I look to the spiritual world. 


Take the Bose Einstein Condensates, the supposed fifth state of matter, for example. We cool atoms down to near perfect stillness to observe their fundamental vibrations. It is in this tranquility that we can discern the truth. Similarly, Stephen Hawking passed away contemplating a two-dimensional world where time and space are illusions, akin to light emitted from a projector and our reality being the negative, with the illusion of time being the time it takes the cosmic light to hit the cosmic projector screen, which itself is more of a 3 dimensional screen.


While this knowledge may not directly enhance my abilities, it helps me understand the interconnectedness of everything, and has too much beauty to be ignored. I am fascinated by chanting, cymatics, and overtones, and enjoy reading the Tao Te Ching and finding verses from the Bible, Koran, or other religious texts that resonate with similar ideas.


I am certainly a novice in exploring spirituality in this manner, but my curiosity has always driven me to delve deeper into various subjects, and I am excited to immerse myself in this journey.


At times, when I share my beliefs - such as how attachment leads to suffering or how people's inactions are indeed actions with consequences - others may perceive me as needing mental evaluations. Some might even consider me quixotic or overly righteous. However, my aim is to live with minimal cognitive dissonance, and Daoism offers the perfect framework for that.


I anticipate engaging in enlightening discussions and gaining new insights through our conversations here!

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