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Inside a cult-anyone see this?

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With all the talk from time to time about gurus, masters, teachers etc. one has to wonder just how many people, genuinely seeking truth and enlightenment/salvation, end up following "teachers" like the guy in this documentary. Like most cults he controls the members sexuality, though they claim they are doing everything of their own will. Anyone who has ever been in a cult knows what the twisted truth of that statement is. The looks on the faces of these people is one of a completely empty yet happy obliviousness. One must assume there is much pain masked therein (especially for those like the leader's son, whose wife he openly slept with on multiple occasions "because God told him to"). When the worldview is shifted and such "brainwashing" is used the pain is reinterpreted as coming from oneself and the leader (who is actually causing all of it) is the only one who can help. Anyone who didn't see this and wants to, word is it is set to replay on May 11th.

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