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Tea And Glue Ear

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I've been dealing with a case of glue ear for the past couple of months, never happened to me before. I think it came on from being under a lot of stress and stuck in bad posture at work all day. Quit that job and staying away from grains and dairy and that seems to be helping some. It seems like it would be at least partially be caused by too much mucous in the body and I'm a little short on vitality overall lately so I've been making a tea from ginger, lemon and honey, sometimes turmeric too, after breakfast and dinner. Also been drinking a cup of nettle tea every day. I've heard that mullein helps with mucous too. Any thoughts appreciated.


I'm also curious about licorice and fennel tea, I like them but not sure I should be drinking the stuff, heard that it produces estrogen and raises blood pressure and as a guy with a family history of high blood pressure I'm skeptical, although usually pretty relaxed B)

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