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  1. Tea And Glue Ear

    I've been dealing with a case of glue ear for the past couple of months, never happened to me before. I think it came on from being under a lot of stress and stuck in bad posture at work all day. Quit that job and staying away from grains and dairy and that seems to be helping some. It seems like it would be at least partially be caused by too much mucous in the body and I'm a little short on vitality overall lately so I've been making a tea from ginger, lemon and honey, sometimes turmeric too, after breakfast and dinner. Also been drinking a cup of nettle tea every day. I've heard that mullein helps with mucous too. Any thoughts appreciated. I'm also curious about licorice and fennel tea, I like them but not sure I should be drinking the stuff, heard that it produces estrogen and raises blood pressure and as a guy with a family history of high blood pressure I'm skeptical, although usually pretty relaxed
  2. I began to learn about things like yoga and meditation almost 15 years ago, as a bad injury left me with debilitating pain in my leg that I wanted to heal. Over time I found out about taoist things. I was very young still and did not have the patience to take proper care of myself, and have more or less been on a big restless adventure this whole time, and in pain all the way. I am still in pain these days. I would love to heal myself and that's why i've always been interested in this cultivation stuff. But I don't know anymore if it's for me. I'm 35 and I've read many books and gone to many classes. I've dabbled in yoga, meditation, qigong, tai chi, etc. The closest I came to taking the path seriously was years ago, when I met an acupuncturist who worked on me for free and started to teach me exercises. She always seemed wise to me, like she had much more to show me. But in the end I decided to travel the world, and never saw her again. I have ideas in my head about finding the right practice for me - something relatively simple, like zhuang zhang and meditation. I do enjoy playing with staffs and nunchucks. But I am more drawn to playing music, hanging out at the beach, swimming, shooting pool and drinking some beer. That's how I relax and feel alive. I love heavy music and I love to scream and jump around thrashing on a bass guitar. I do like feldenkrais when I'm in the mood for it, and have found it to be very effective. I like to use some tricks I've picked up in yoga over the years. But I don't feel real drawn to cultivation. So my question is, am I being too lazy to take it seriously or is it simply not for me? I know only I can answer this question at the end of the day, but maybe some insight from experienced practitioners will help. Did you have doubts like this at the beginning? Or did it feel like the natural thing to do, the way I feel about playing guitar and swimming? Sometimes I think I should just let go of these expectations and stick to a yoga class here and there. Eat right, get enough sleep, surround myself with good people. I'm not sure I would ever have learned about any of this stuff if I hadn't injured myself so long ago. And it wouldnt hurt to sell my books, I need the rent money.
  3. Bonjour Earthlings

    Get out while you still can!
  4. Live Simply

    I agree with Cat. And this is for Sinfest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFl0nlHaWa4 And this is for the thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5DBnLRUKyY
  5. "Is enlightenment a permanent state in Taoism? or is it , as I read somewhere, an endless cycle of decay and renewal?" That's all any of this is! If you do not see it explicitly yet then IMO you will eventually, in your own way.
  6. Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti

    By dead I meant, you know...no "soul".
  7. Is anyone familiar with this guy? Is he totally dead or just a disgrace?
  8. Haiku Chain

    Tracks leading nowhere Following the scat instead Yo momma's so fat...
  9. True, true. I just felt like flexing my muscles too, for some reason.
  10. Any information on where I might find some good teachers on Hawaii? Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Vicious Breeds Sounds like you live on the wrong side of L.A., Vmarco, and we all understand now that you have terrible experiences with mistreated dogs and have a (reasonably justified) personal opinion that more ought to be done to keep these beasts off the planet. Someone move this thing to the pit where it belongs, or give it a different name, or something. Thanks to those of you with the advice, it was real helpful. Edit: I won't say this hasn't been fun!
  11. Vmarco-- C'mon, man. Edit. Most pitbulls are sweet as can be. They just have a good build for doin' damage. And I think it's kind of a fashion thing to have a vicious pitbull, if you're going to have a vicious dog. Just like bellbottoms.
  12. Winter foods?

    Everyone should check that guy's advice.