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New Dao De Jing in progress

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Hey Bums! :D


New here. First post. Lovely to be here. I've come across this forum a handful of times in my research and I figured it was time to jump in. Stephen Mitchell's pocket Tao Te Ching was my first (and still my fave). I've been peripherally working with the I Ching for about 10 years as well. I'm excited to learn more from you all and see your perspectives. 𓁺¬𓁺 


I'm about 2 years into a project: creating a new version of the Dao De Jing. I'll be consulting the Dao Bums hive mind here for feedback along The Way.



If you're interested in helping with the book now, the best Way to get ahold of me is on instagram (@foolish_dao), otherwise I'll check my DM inbox here occasionally •ᴗ•





So hello again and looking forward to interacting with you all more.


(  ̳• · • ̳)

/    づ♡ foolish_dao

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