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I have just found Tien Tao Chi Kung and read for a few lines there, I believe that the course is genuine Taoist chi kung since it makes sense and provides details of Taoism. Actually, I had practiced chi kung about 30 years ago and felt very strong heat on my abdomen, even a flow of heat along my arm. But I stopped then and thought I could pick it up at any time, never thought that would be 30 years later. 

Now the feeling of heat on my abdomen is weak, there is no flow of heat on my body. I’m going to go through all the paths taught in Tien Tao Chi Kung and want to have someone to discuss the experience of practicing since there is some information that confuses me. 

It’s hard to find plenty of information about Tien Tao Chi Kung, only some tiny pieces here. That’s why I joined this forum. Hope I can find what I’m looking for.

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