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Myonghi Kang: Painting in Time

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It would be another decade before the ethereal painting, now on display at Hong Kong's Villepin gallery, was complete. As such, the work depicts not only the vibrant flowers alluded to in its title, but the passing of time itself.
"I cannot really explain," Kang said. "I just felt this painting had to be made like that. I trusted the moment -- to know the right moment for me to paint the different parts until I was finished."
"I would not dare say that I paint time -- that would be very arrogant -- but time is in what I paint," she later added. "I let myself be the hands of time. I obey time, but do not try to manipulate it."


Fascinating manner of looking at a long term painting.  I really resonate with it.  Being drawn through the wake of yin, rather than striving to manufacture through yang.
Most of my paintings arise in a steady flow, from inception to finish, the image arises clear and i endeavor to bring it to the medium.  Many arose in a flurry of certainty straight on from intial inspiration, to the end point.  Some take a bit of searching, prompting and open endedness.
And then, there have been a few, one in particular (that is four years on and still unfinished) that absolutely called out to me and insistently made it clear that I would touch canvas only in certain moments, in particular states of being.  Those times are never planed out and arise from an inner prompting.
At times that was a full treatment, others one stroke of the knife, and still others, sitting in the presence of the current image without touching it.  Abiding in presence with the revealing process.
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