Feeling lightly depressed due to meditative practice

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I follow Heartfulness meditation, but since few days i have increased my meditation to 3 hours in 3-4 sittings, I do zhan zhuang for like 7-8 mins, practice pranayam for like 15 mins and follow celibecy.


So it was all great before but now i have become disciplined about my practice and i have noticed that it has lead to me feeling very meaningless and i feel a mix of fear and pain in my heart. According to me this is probably some stuff from past? Not that i had traumatic childhood (im 21) but some other life maybe?


I know i can just stop meditating and it will all go away but i can't stop! I have learned to accept the state but it would be nice if there is something that i could do to go round about the awful feelings. Yeah and my goal for doing all this is to achieve some high state and lucid dreams( more energy= more vivid dreams) I welcome any advice!

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