The Tao of the so-called gospel of Thomas

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My name is Martijn (Martin) Linssen and I am looking for the underlying Tao concepts that support the essence of the so-called gospel of Thomas (Thomas) - which certainly isn't a gospel, nor is it about Jesus


The five trees that don't move summer nor winter and "not usually fall outward": the five senses


The slaveowner and the slave - the two you's that keep themselves so busy that the You, what Thomas calls the father, goes unnoticed


You will not find the latter in the usual translations, I have made my own, and picked the more precise word definitions, and to many logia there is a secondary, underlying translation


Thomas offers "Protection from birds of the heaven", ⲥⲕⲉⲡⲏ ⲛ̄ ϩⲁⲗⲁⲧⲉ ⲛ̄ ⲧ ⲡⲉ, and he shows the observing reader that there is No Great Fish - I believe all this to be part of the Tao but I really wouldn't know for sure, so I'm here to see how much of it does, in which ways. Thanks

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Hi mlinssen,


Your membership is approved. You can use the search function of the site to find old threads, or start new ones.


You have some interesting theories, and I have some curiosity regarding how you relate what is the “unknowable father” in the more standard historical gnostic view with the Self.


Here is an old Gospel of Thomas thread (although it should be noted some of the participants have moved on, and won’t be available for discussion or to answer any queries you may have of them):



And another thread which includes some discussion of the Gospel of Thomas:



warm regards and happy seeking,



P.S. You will find three topics pinned at the top in this sub forum regarding expectations and rules here, please make sure you are familiar with them.




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Thank you Ilu!


What do you mean with "unknowable father"? I don't find those two words in Thomas


I'm not very much into the standard views on Thomas, I find most of them lacking motivation and arguments - Thomas really is an odd one out when you look in the big basket of Gnosticism (in which I can't find him either, btw)


I've familiarised myself with the rules, thanks. Always a good habit


And thanks for the threads, I'll have a look!





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