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We got a Boatload of new Members

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Hey Everyone,


I hope you'll find some time to welcome all our new members.  The forum is a community, the site our shared house.  Let's read what they have to say and strike up some friendly conversation.


To all the new members, sorry for the delay in approval.  I think we've squashed the last bug and things should be moving smoothly now.  So, read, search, join the conversations and start some yourself.  Don't forget to keep some tolerance in your pocket. 


I've welcomed 60 or 70 people here today and have more to go.  Be nice, have fun, learn about each other and new things.   Make friends.  If or when you've written something that can be interpreted as nasty.. think twice.. see if you can rephrase it to make your point without getting personal or insulting. 


And if or when you read something you interpret as nasty, don't over engage.  State your truth without getting personal then consider walking away.  No one wins an internet battle and no one should come here to fight.  Trolls are bores, and this is not the site to create a crusade.  Find a positive thread or create one. 


We're an eclectic philosophy site.  Let's aim to set a good example for the internet.  Some maturity, some play, a bit of learning, teaching and making good connections, where we talk with and not at each other. 









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