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Dao of Bees, Bee Appreciation, or (Do Bees really use group Tummo to cook invading Hornets?)

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So this awesomeness just landed in my mind pond... been having a good run of healthy news lately instead of the usual bog/swamp.


This article and the series of photos taken inside a German honeybee nest are really ringing the bell today.



Over six months, Arndt shot more than 60,000 pictures, creating a portrait of wild honeybees unlike anything seen before.

 Photos reveal intimate lives of Bees


The link is to a National Geographic article. 


Here's the snippet that got me thinking about group Tummo. 


Inside this bee ball, something even more bizarre was taking place. Western honeybees have a trick in which they can activate their flight muscles so rapidly that their thoraxes, or midsections, radiate small amounts of heat. When a dozen or more bees rev their engines at the same time, the cluster can significantly raise the ambient temperature.

The bees were cooking the hornets alive.

“I find this ingenious,” says Jürgen Tautz, a recently retired biologist who specialized in honeybees for about 25 years at the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, in Germany.


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