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New user, looking for troubleshooting advice. :)

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Hi everyone. 


This is my first post. I see that there are many knowledgeable people here and I'm excited to join. I hope that's OK that my first post is a request for advice, and I hope to contribute in the future when I feel like I have something useful to say. 


I am very new to 'energy work' and ran into some trouble: severe back cramps for a few days, followed by a feeling of some stuck energy around my solar plexus.

I've been practicing Hatha yoga / meditation for the past couple of years, and two weeks ago I came across a Kundalini group and decided to join. I have also recently came across techniques like the Microcosmic Orbit and other things taught by Mantak Chia, and have practiced those a little bit in the context of cultivating sexual energy (while maintaining regular sexual practice with my partner). As far as I could tell, I was benefiting from the practice, being able to cultivate the energy without apparent negative side-effects (e.g. blue balls).


Now, the issue: after two weeks practicing Kundalini yoga, during a session I felt some discomfort to the right of my solar plexus. I kept doing the session with a little caution and no major issues. Later that day, my upper back started cramping. The next day, the cramping spread to my mid/lower-back, and the spasms were veeeery painful. That lasted for 2-3 days. I went to an "integrative craniosacral" therapist in the area, which provided some relief for my back.


The back is no longer in pain and I can walk and lie down / get up by myself. I still feel a sharp pain somewhere in my spine if I move too much (I can't bend my spine backwards without pain). Additionally, I feel like my upper body is "full"; it's hard to take a full breath, and there's some heavy/cold feeling around my liver. And the final important thing: this week I've had 3 'nocturnal emissions' -- something that has never happened to me. That's the main thing telling me there's something wrong energetically, as opposed to being a simple back injury. 


Again, I'm pretty much totally new to all of this, and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot for reading! :) 

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