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Hi you can call me Omni. I am new to the forum, as aswell to taoism. 


I am tottaly new to the practice, but not new to spiritual related matters, that is a life long quest.


I've studied under certain traditions of sorcery for a while.


I've dealt in some way or another with spirits from almost all pantheons, European, African, Semitic, Gods, Demons, Angels, spirits of the dead etc. untill the point that i got the message that a human being, a true human being doesn't need gods angels or demons. A human being can be above that. That is when i stoped to work with it and focused solely on developing myself, or atleast trying.


In traditions of the East, i never had much experiences, altough had two dreams that stayed with me. 


The first one i was climbing a mountain and i knew i needed to reach the top, when i reached it, there were 3 monks waiting for me, 2 dressed in red one in yellow.


The other one i was in a Temple, a Chinese one and i was carrying a dead master on my back. He was dead, i was carrying is skeleton. 

I never knew the message those two were trying to pass or why i had those since i've never practiced anything from the East but it kinda stayed with me. 

Anyway i am here to learn and share the little information i can. 




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