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On the position of the three main nadi

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I have been taught that sushumna follows the spine, while ida and pingala start at ajna chackra respectively from left and right side and go down along sushumna, crossing at each subsequent chakra, before meeting one final time at muladhara. Sadly, since my yoga training was overall a beginner one we did not go further on the topic. However, this system seems to be the most common one to be used for yoga energetic explanations. This is what you find on all these new-ages chakra images everywhere.


But I am not making sense of it, it simply does not match what I am feeling during pranayama. I found that in Tibetan Buddhism the energy channels were more of a central pillar (distinct from the spine, and with a green light at the heart, matching anahata chakra) with two lateral non-crossing channels, and even found some explanation where ida and pingala are going all the way down the legs to the sole of the feet. To me, this is the most "realistic" view, but I am wondering on the reasons of all those different explanations.


While this does not stop me from practicing nor trusting my sensations, I am interested on your knowledge on this topic. Thanks !

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