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dark energy and light energy/ or a balance...

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My title for this, is the only way that I can broach this subject.

After all the Tao, is  both dark, light at the same time , so to speak..

On a human level, we all have a dark traveler and a light traveler as part of who we are at the same time. 

My experience or intuitive knowing of this comes from my own personal experience, nothing I have read, no guru, so I can be full of shit which is also fine. 

Let me  explain with a real life metaphor. 


Back in the early 70's I had a friend who, after being discharged form the military,  took a job at the Federal building, working in the basement doing remote viewing and telekinesis research.  He taught me  how to make a sort of pin wheel balanced on a pin that was used for experiments on action at a distance or what was called telekinesis.

Much later, I built this simple device for our family, and still have it on one of our book shelves.  We all walk by it from time to time and make it spin, or not. Being a skeptic, I know the many debunking explanations of how someone might make this pin wheel spin. the heat off ones hand making air currents, our breath, and many more.  So having done my due diligence, such as not putting my hand less than two feet from the pin wheel, blocking my breath, making sure no windows are open, etc, I can say that something is going on. Have no idea what it is, but it is very different.

Now comes the metaphor. 

 If I intend the pin wheel to move, it will, but slowly. I can make it go clockwise, or counter clockwise, but slowly. 

This is me seeking power for power,  I have to be careful of this, as for me, this leads down the dark path.  I am only doing this to feel and build my own power.

The flip side of this, was the time I made a great breakfast for our family on the weekend.  i love to cook and make good food. My family loved what i made , and that was a very loving happy energy. not something I did for Myself, but what I did for my family.

For some reason, at that instant, I walked up to the pin wheel, and just stuck my hand out, about two feet away, and the wheel stated to spin like crazy. faster than it ever did, (if you are thinking that i just finished cooking, and my hands were hot, and thus the air currents made the wheel spin faster, that is bull shit, as i washed my hands in cold water, with soap as most cooks do).......

My point of this whole story is that if we just do something to make us "immortal, eternal, powerful, happy, etc" we might get some results as intent is intent, but if we do something for others, for those we love, this is the strongest magic, power, energy. something to ponder on.  happy Friday.  





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