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CCOs and Intellectual Orgasms?

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Guest artform

Finding Tao Bums has been an eye-opener and I have just begun exploring the site. I got here when Andrea, a member on the KSMO (Jack Johnson) site asked if a phenomenon that I repeatedly experienced as a youth could have been Crown Centre Orgasms. I got the KSMO as a new Aneros user and Forum member.


I explored Mantak Chia's Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy in the early 1990s and introduced my wife to this then with his Female Energy book. I was able then to soon learn inward ejaculation. Probably too soon, placing my bottom in a shallow dish of ice water and ice cubes after an inward ejaculation, I experienced a very successful Microcosmic Orbit and tasted the Nectar, returning the energy back down the front chakras.


The Tao Bums discussion link I was given was Xenolith's Semen KF etc. thread. Fascinating. Not having practised SKF or Microcosmic circulation since those first experiments, or having connected the energy flows from Aneros and KS, particularly next day Echo Effects, I am grateful for meeting TTB and X's CCO thread and reconnecting with Chia and the Tao. I find it very easy to open the Microcosmic spinal path up to the heart chakra and have recently done work which has sometimes let me move up further slowly. I am looking forward to renewing and further exploring.


Here is the description of IOs as posted at KSMO:


<<<A post in the Aneros complementary section of this Forum outlines our history as my wife and I are just beginning our KSMO exploration. Part of my own experience is as a teen, paralleling anal stimulatioin and prostate massage then, I experienced what I called: Intellectual Orgasms.


Here is how I descibed them on the Aneros Forum: "In addition, at other times then, and without making any connection to the missile usage, or masturbation generally, I experienced what I call and discussed openly with close friends and family as "Intellectual Orgasms". I didn't mind being provocative as a youth. I was very curious and exploratory about many subjects and in late public school at age 13-14, was tagged with a high IQ.


When I found Aneros and began reading the Bee-line and Forum, I found myself and even body memories of being back in my youth with those sensations and experiences. What I was experiencing back then were dry, multiple orgasmic ecstacies which flooded my mind and body with a universal joy and peace and excitement at being part of the whole universe. I twisted and rolled and ended in a throbbing and exhausted but hugely exhilerated heap, twisted up in my bed sheets. Instead of out-of-body travel, this was through-the-body-travel.


It was like conscious or lucid dreaming with high-speed cinematic, surreal but very real metaphoric and other imagery and ideas. Not gibberish, but vast mappings and integration of the sciences and arts and histories and speculations and spiritualities and poetics...


It was energizing and enlightening and inspiring on an unprecedented scale. And very formative in integrating the mind and body, the intellect and the somatic-sensory into a whole person. I wouldn't have missed the Intellectual Orgasms experience as youth for the world. They were and have always remained crucial to who I am and how I function. Even though they ceased in my late teens or early twenties, they were very formative and their muse-like effects have lived with me ever since; essential to my creative activities and output." These were my I-Os of my youth!


I am curious as to whether any KSMO practitioners have experienced anything like this as a result of KS orgasmic adventure. I am not driven to repeat these types of orgasms, but I am curious to see if they do happen during or in parallel once again with Aneros and/or KSMO activities as I/we progress. Has anyone here had anything like the I-Os I've described above? >>>


I'll post a note about this of the SKF, CCO etc. thread as well. Sounds like CCO; yes, no?

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