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Interesting prophecies for 2017 and onwards...

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I have seen some fairly interesting prophecies recently about the coming 10 years. It seems like our current materialistic/marxist paradigm will give way to a new spiritual way of life. I remember that its 2500 years since Buddha passed away in 2017 and his prophecy was that the new era should be born now but with birth pains(wars?)... Then I found this unknown, very old Ragno Nero prophecy nailing each year from 2017-2027.


Anyway, then we have the 23rd of Sept. this year with the stars and the Book of Rev. 12 coinciding with the Jewish feast of trumpets and some other horn blowing from Norse mythology. I never saw that many signs at the same time and also in the human world.


Many people have told me recently that they believe in a huge event coming up soon and I agree with them too. It feels like the atmosphere in politics has become more and more aggressive and that karma will need to be released soon. Just a feeling.


I am not going to promote any specific prophecy as any absolute truth but there are interesting ones from different sources.


Some links:


Sept. 23 2017(Wiki): - this is a wild card and it is unknown from 1622. It specifies sept. as the key month and the military build-up is already there. Miracles in Oct-Dec sounds good.






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