"Free" yoga/qigong/meditation videos

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The site has videos on yin, ashtanga & tibetan energy yoga, various qigongs and meditation (from Pema Chodren and Jack Kornfield).


The free ones are low-res 'previews' that appear in a small box in your browser, with the full, hi-res versions at $5-10. But in many cases the preview seems to contain most of or all of the full video, and the resolution's perfectly watchable at fullscreen. So why buy retail? ;-)


Here's how to capture these vids for offline viewing at the screen size of your choice:

- select a video. The URL will be (VIDEO-TITLE = the name of the vid you're watching.)

- view the source page (In "view" menu, or ctrl+u in firefox)

- search the page (ctrl+f in firefox) for "video_"

- there'll be lots of places in the source where "video_" is followed by a 2 or three digit number, X

- point your download manager at


Use an FLV savvy video player to watch the file at your leisure (& choice of screen size).


An alternative is to look for the FLV file in your browser cache. With firefox, cached files don't have file extensions, but if you sort the cached files by size, these 100+mb whoppers are easy to find. Just change the extension to FLV to play.

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Thanx, checking it out :)


Just bumping this - there's stuff there that'd cost a lot to buy on DVD, and they're basically giving 90% of it away to anyone with modest web-fu...


I just put 'free' in quotes because they're not *supposed* to be free...


Minkus - let us know if you find stuff you like. I haven't had a chance to watch 1% of what I've downloaded!

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