YinYoga as a Daoist practice

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Is anyone here familiar with Yin Yoga ?


I do practice it more and more often - I did not tell about it in other thread because it wouldn't have been useful and I don't like telling everyone about my life - which is what I'm doing here...


The fact that it doesn't try to hide that the practice in itself is clearly a modern synthesis and that there are many way to approach it following your needs (from a very explainable physiological perspective to a more energetic approach) feels very honest and authentic.



Apart from the physiological benefits of working softly on the joints capsules, fascias, ligaments and such, which is why I did begin it, I'm beginning to feel kind of meditative (on a fundamental, basic level) effects.

Different posture bring different feelings, and breathing, relaxing and letting yourself be still into them feel almost therapeutic.

For now I don't plan to work on the more precise energetic aspects (partly because I do it from a book and without a teacher), I'll just focus on feeling good by breathing with my whole body and freeing my mind a little bit.


As they say in the book, it's probably a good idea to balance it with more yang, physical practices though.



All the best

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According to Paulie Zink 'Yin Yoga' has it roots in Daoist practices. And it's likely that his description of it coming form his martial arts teacher is accurate, it has the characteristics of a chinese art, whether it is a daoist art or not is a bit less clear. There is ofcourse a lot of influence from "Yoga" primarily thought Paulie Zinks senior students. But none the less, what is the difference in the end.

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