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Does anyone know what book this came from?

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I know a bit about Taoism since I was in my early teens (was into martial arts and Far Eastern philosphy). I rarely use the internet at all nowadays, just came back on the internet after a long time away. So if I get a reply message, I might not check for a long time. Thanks in advance for your answer, if any, to this question of mine, because I might not go back on the internet for a long time.


Before I ask my question, I have to say I am a Theravada buddhist (and even longer than being a Theravada buddhist, I was born into a buddhist family of another type of buddhism).


My question:


I saw in a public library (about eight or so years ago -- but the book could have been published much earlier than that) a book that may have been an autobiography (don't remember if it was translated into English by another person, or not). This book was about the life experiences of a (possibly) Taoist energy healer possibly from China who possibly was famous. The one experience/story I remember reading from this book was this energy healer had a grudge or something, on an official/someone of high rank in society, who later asked him to help heal him of a sickness. To get revenge on the official -- but the healer would still heal him at the same time -- the healer said part of the healing needs the official to smell his feet, which was a lie. So the official did smell the healer's feet in the healing sessions, thinking it was essential for the healing, though that was untrue. Still, the official got healed because the healer of course used his energy healing in the sessions. I think that was how the story went and ended. Can anyone tell me what book this is from?


Thanks in advance,


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