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The Shen and Hun model

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A great link Gerald, thanks.  Giovanni Maciocia is an excellent communicator. When I was listening I thought I'd like a transcript,  so I was pleased to find this on his blog at...


Here are the introductory paragraphs....




This article will discuss the nature and functions of the Shen and Hun in the human psyche. This will be based on classical texts and on my own thoughts and clinical experience. There will be five parts to this discussion:


1) The nature of the Shen

2) The nature of the Hun

3) The Shen and Hun and the pre-frontal cortex

4) The Shen and Hun and mirror neurons

5) The Shen and Hun and Jungian psychology.


The longer I practise, the more I think that in clinical practice we can interpret most mental-emotional problems in terms of the "five spirits" as well as of "patterns of disharmony".  The "five spirits", in Chinese called the "Five Shen" [五 神], are the Shen, Hun, Po, Yi, and Zhi residing respectively in the Heart, Liver, Lungs, Spleen and Kidneys.


For example, irrespective of the pattern of disharmony involved, I see depression as a manifestation of lack of movement of the Hun and manic behaviour as a manifestation of excessive movement of the Hun. To give another example, I see bipolar disease mostly as a Hun disharmony while I see anxiety mostly as a Shen and Po disharmony.

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