yuan jing qi and shen.

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This thread is just to quickly discuss the nature of the jing, qi, and shen that we use in neidan practice, as opposed to Qigong.

The Jing, Qi, and Shen that we use in Qigong are considered mostly as post heaven energies which can in some way to controlled by the mind.   The yuan jing qi and shen that we practice in Neidan are pre heaven energies and can only be indirectly activated by the mind.  They are not able to be led around like yi, qi, and li etc... can be.


Here is a short section from

金 丹 四 百 字 golden elixir 400 words.




jing, shen, hun, po, and yi should mutually mix and melt together.  transforming to one qi, it can't be heard, and it's name has no form, so it is considered quiet and empty.   the jing which can be refined is refined yuan jing, not the jing of carnal indulgence.


commentary: the jing of carnal indulegence is the jing which can be felt.  it is the jing which can leak, not yuan jing.


the qi which is refined is the refined yuan qi, it isn't the qi which is breathed through the mouth and nose.


the qi which can be breathed through mouth and nose is leaking qi, no yuan qi.


the shen that can be refined is refined yuan shen,

not the heart and mind, feeling and thinking shen.


commentary: the heart mind, feeling, thinking shen is leaking shen, not yuan shen.


this qi, shen and jing meet and connect with the root of heaven and earth, meet and conncet with the bodies of all beings. achieving it will enable life, losing it will enable death.



So as we can see, the jing, qi, and shen used here are very different from the ones which we commonly attribute as being physically palpable and lead by the mind and breathing.

This type of material exists in what can't be seen or felt clearly.

Laozi said 視之不足見,聽之不足聞,用之不足既。 looking at it isn't enough to see it, hearing it isn't enough to register it, using it isn't enough to exhaust it.


This is the reason why many meditation practices require the meditator to "not look, not hear, not listen, not speak, and not move."


In my opinion, this practice is the real treasure which can help us transform our current situation into something better.  Qi gong, nei gong and jing gong are great ways to protect what we have already achieved through this beautiful silent meditation.


Feel free to add to this thread :)

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