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Dharma travelled across mountains and deserts. It sailed to Indonesia . Did it reach east Australia and the rivers of the inland?

Here is an outline:

At the beginning,  Sinhalese and Tamil culture evidently reached Bali Indonesia 2100 years ago, as seen in archaeology of ceramics there identified with south Indian examples. There were gold rings with Kharosthi script from Taxila Punjab.  Sinhalese traditions of Indra and rain-maker kings who built water-reservoirs are seen in Angkor Wat and Bali.


Hindu-Buddhist kings such as Kertajaya had ships which sailed to west Papua. Kertajaya "disappeared without trace".

"Sri Maharaja Kertajaya was the last king of Kadiri Java  who reigned circa 1194-1222. . At the end of his reign, he was defeated by Ken Arok of Tumapel or Singhasari , which marked the end of the kingdom of Kadiri . "


(this next section is written by an Indonesian with limited English):

". Kertajaya names contained in Nagarakretagama (1365) authored hundreds of years after the time of Kadiri .

The historical evidence is the existence of character with the discovery of inscriptions Kertajaya Galunggung (1194), the inscription Kamulan (1194), the inscription Palah (1197), and the inscription Wates Kulon (1205).

. From inscriptions it is known the name of empowerment Kertajaya title is Sri Maharaja Sri Sarweswara Triwikramawatara Anindita Srenggalancana mighty Uttunggadewa.

. In Pararaton Kertajaya called by the name of King Dandhang Gendis.  . Narrated by the end of his reign he says it wants to be worshiped by  priests of Hindu and Buddhist .  Of course, the desire was rejected, although Dandhang Gendis show off magic by sitting on top of a spear standing.

. . The pastors chose refuge in Ken Arok , subordinate Dandhang Gendis the akuwu in Tumapel .

Gendis Dandhang absolutely no fear.. He claimed could only be defeated by Shiva . . Hearing this, Ken Arok was put on the title of Lord Master (another name for Shiva ) and move led troops attacked Kadiri .

.. The war between Tumapel and Kadiri occurred near the village of Ganter in 1222. The commander Kadiri is Mahisa Walungan (sister Dandhang Gendis) and Gubar Baleman die at the hands of Ken Arok . . Dandhang Gendis himself escaped and hid rise to heaven.

. Nagarakretagama also briefly tells the story of the Kertajaya defeat. . Mentioned that Kertajaya escape and hide in dewalaya (god's land ).

. Both texts proclaim Kertajaya is a natural refuge of the gods. Presumably in question is Kertajaya hiding inside a temple cult, or maybe Kertajaya killed and becomes smooth natural inhabitants ( hereafter )

In later periods, Kediri economy grew to rely more heavily on trade, especially the spice trade. This resulted from Kediri development of a navy, giving them the opportunity to control the spice trade routes to eastern islands. "


Ken Arok founder of Singasari Kingdom - Sejarah Negara › History


Oct 12, 2015 - Later on, he was adopted by a brahmana named Lohgawe. ... In the battle near Ganter, Ken Arok defeated Dandang Gendis and his ... It is stated in the book Pararaton that after Ken Arok was crowned as the king of Singasari, ...


Bundjalung people of Grafton-Brisbane remember that a boat arrived from Ngareenbil "overseas islands" and meaning "your beloved countryman" in Old Balinese language._ U Qld School of Languages. The 3 brothers gave laws and languages to the countries._ "Australian Dreaming " J Isaacs 1982 p 13,14.

The river from Yamba where the boat arrived leads to Tenterfield from where creeks flow to the Darling river , the Murray river and Victoria.  Green-stone axes from Melbourne were traded along the rivers to Bourke.

Indonesian / Old Javanese   nagarane gita means "country's song".

Tamil nagarin gita.

Patna City Anthem पटना नगर-गीत  nagara gita (Skr nagasya gitam)



William Barak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1824 – 15 August 1903), was the last traditional ngurungaeta (elder) of the ...

first inhabitants of present-day Melbourne, Australia.


Murrundindi (aka Gary Hunter) is the ngurungaeta of the Wurundjeri people, a descendant of William Barak.

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