the pleasure of meditation

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Meditating does not need to be a chore, or something that you feel like you ought to do in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.


Meditation should be something you look forward to and find comfortable.  It should be something you can fall back on when you need it, and it should make you feel better than you did before you meditated.


I have noticed that many people either have trouble finding the time to meditate, or try to make it into something overly stimulating and tiring.

If you find it difficult to meditate, it means you are doing something wrong.

Consider that Fu Xi said "yang moves to its absolute and becomes quiet, this gives birth to yin. yin is quiet to its absolute and returns to yang."

Energy is achieved by quieting the mind to the ultimate of stillness.  when you enter complete stillness, your mind will naturally turn on and Qi will begin to move by itself.  This is called "huo zi shi," or the time of awakening of life.  This life is your Qi and you should cultivate it in quiet and restfullness.

This is as easy to accomplish as lying flat on your back and simply forcing yourself not to move.  Don't focus on anything else, just make sure you don't move or tense you body in any way.  If it helps, you can imagine your entire body is paralyzed while you practice and you don't have voluntary control over your muscles.  Notice how your breath begins to regulate itself.  Empty your mind of thoughts and relax, then relax again.   This is enough to enter meditation.


I hope you try it and have good luck!

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I guess the quieting of the mind part is a source of displeasure.
Not to say that in any kind of authoritative explanation sense but as a report of what interferes with the direct connection you speak of.
I suspect people have widely various experiences with this even though they are struggling with the same thing.

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