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Jing depletion

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Hello all, I have a question:


About a half year ago, I noticed that my mothers back seemed weak and I thought that this was because her breathing is not correct. So I instructed her to breath with all sides of her body(as I learned from some books and internet). My father was also present during that instruction and also did it. 


So after a while I noticed that her back seemed stronger and normal, but the corners of her mouth began to drop(because of jing depletion). My father had the same thing but with him it was fixed by itself. So I would like to ask, that if putting the weight on her heels would help,would there be more pure jing circulation to her spine? anybody else had this experience?


I met her today and she seemed better than before. Maybe I will wait, so as not to mess things up more. Or what do you think about the heel thing?



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