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FFXIII-3 Bhunivelze and yin yang

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i noticed Bhunivelze in FFXIII3 simbolizes yin yang


Bhunivelze weapon simbolizes yin and yang, but also simbolizes yin and yang in the aspect of polarity, not only the 2 creative forces but good and bad too






yang, white woman with angel face


and yin, black, demon (the face is not easily seen)



he creates the weapon with "Pulse" (yin) and "Lindzei" yang




and fusionates them




he himself seems to symbolize a feminine form, white with white wings that represents yang



and have a masculine form, black, black wings, yin




also he seems to simbolize the Dantien


when he enter a new form


the white black circle thats is in the Dantien

also in it's masculine form the yang yin weapon changes, does it symbolize a different state of yin yang united?)



but the probably Dantien is not in the Dantien position in his last form


is when changes the ground, the circle is not in the Dantien position this time so maybe is not the Dantien, but problably is and because he changed the ground in his last form maybe the Dantien is moved i don't know




the ground and he himself many times, show a black-white pattern that could simbolize again yin yang


also his head is red blue, that could simbolize yin ang yang


Bhunivelze is the god of light, and he needs Etro the goddess, the goddess who make the cycle of death and rebirth of the souls, again they together simbolizes yang and yin


when Etro died chaos flooded the world and started to consume it,

Etro controled the chaos and Bhunivelze cannot, Bhunivelze yang alone needed the help of Etro, that's why he make the protagonist a goddess


Bhunivelze can create and shape matter, but cannot create souls or shape them

Bhunivelze yang matter yang bodies (matter) yang

Etro yin, souls yin


Bhunivelze cannot see humans souls, hearts, emotions, only the bodies




also isn't the eye of Bhunivelze in his feminine form (or maybe i should say her) a symbol of the eye of horus?

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