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Intentional Resting

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Hi gergelim,


This an interesting concept,similar maybe to what have recently experienced.


Focussing on the ailment,without expectation,seems to alleviate,self healing?

Combined with homemade qigong,feel very well thankyou.


This 57yo,was recently given about five ton of rock,some were heavier,but around 20kg average weight of each rock.

They were free,just had to pick them up,moved in four trailer loads with help of and well paid rock owner's son Dane.


Before commencing checked we had a supply of nuerofin,as the expectation was of multiple body ailments,accrued in this very physical task.


So in examining these thoughts prior to commencing,I decided to experiment using and applying qigong,when shifting the rocks.

First load,all good,breathing in energy,moving rocks effortlessly,then unloading,still more energy vacuumed up from everywhere,the hillside,Sky,from all the mammoth trees nearby,second third load,still cruising,load unload,last load,finished,all up,about two hours including driving the five km to and from.


There was a bit of bravado in keeping pace with this young 20yo helper.


Never did use any anti-inflamatories,no aches and pains,about a week later felt some mild muscular sensation,not pain really more like the feeling you have when you have had a good work out.


This was a change in mindset and use of external energies,getting the work done with small negatives.

Any task should be scrutinised,watching for hazards and bodily impact.


This is a new aspect of personal mindfulness for this old man.


Anyway hope you find this story interesting.



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