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  1. It's a great book. Can anyone recommend a similar work?
  3. My theory on the 11:11 phenomenon

    I'm more of a 22 kind of guy.
  4. spells that always work

    Expecto Patronum!
  5. It Is Not Dao

    Dao dao.
  6. need advice

    Thanks everybody!
  7. need advice

    Hi! I'm a newbie. I've been trying to practice the MCO, and sometimes I'm able to gather energy (as heat) below the navel area. Sometimes it even feels unpleasantly hot. But I can't really feel like I'm storing the energy. I have a hard time visualizing, locating, feeling my Dan Tien. What would your advice be? TY!
  8. greetings

    Hello, good people of TTB! Taoism seems interesting. I liked The Dharma Bums a lot.