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Zhan Zhuang energy flow/feelings

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I've been doing multiple 10 minute zhan zhuang sessions per day, followed by stretching.


After a couple of minutes in the post position I feel heat/cold sensations moving across my skin and sometimes in my body, especially around the girdle area and the legs.


In the post position when I feel the muscle tension and the position becomes difficult to hold, then especially do I feel the movement of energy. I try and relax all parts of the body repeatedly, and try and go into the emptiness.


Afterward during the day I also feel these sensations, which sometimes feels like a hot mug is being dragged across my skin.


What sort of energy are we talking about exactly, am I just feeling normal post-heaven qi?


How will this practice progress, in terms of a timeline of easement of the position, in terms of the body feelings, in terms of health improvements, in terms of developing qi abilities?





I realized that the feeling of heat flowing across the skin is a feeling I often feel during instances of drowsiness, like the moment I overcome the drowsiness and stay awake I feel the energy moving. And I've felt it in various difficult physical postures before as well.


I find this interesting, it is like the human body has a built-in mechanism that moves qi to fortify and energize the body during times of physical stress.

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Namo Amitabha Buddha


Hi Pewdiepie,

Thankyou for sharing your experiences.

Stance training,is new to me,the energy movements are delightful,

especially on cold mornings.

There is always good sleep to be had after.


How many different stances do you do,please tell more.


Blessings to all


Humbly juls

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