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False Sense Of Seperate Self Doing

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Seems like one little "trick" trouble makers in the universe do is make a strong sense of seperate self doing.


I am always in awe of the legendary Bodhidharma and the story of him meeting the Emperor of ancient China. My feeling is that when the Emperor asked Dao Mo "Who stands before me?" and Dao Mo responded "I don't know" he was giving Emperor something special. Even bettter..he was giving all future seekers of Tao something special.


My feeling is that concealed within this "I don't know" of Bodhidharma is an unsurpassable jewel of Dharma. The treasure house that knows no inside nor outside..not good not bad..high or low..the realm of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas..the realm of Buddha Nature.


I can only hope and aspire to have the great honor of bowing at Master Dao Mo's feet for all lifetimes.


And giggling is good too.



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