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about me: Hello! I am an Undergraduate of Anthropology, working in social services in undeserved communities.


I was born into a life of education, and as a college student, I find it hard to reconcile the Way, the water-like path, with the ambitious, competitive nature of higher education, especially in demanding and complex sciences like medicine, and anthropology.


Often the internal qualities cultivated through higher education(skill, breadth of knowledge, wisdom-over time-) are exploited for worldly affects (higher pay/funding, access to better research or resources)


As it happens, I find that my studies and intended career deal in the profound matters concerning the health and lives of communities. I am interested in understanding the harmony of communities, and helping Where it is appropriate, However I am firstly interested in true harmony within, and then in the balance without.

I often feel that my pursuit of interests, skill, and knowledge contradict my conviction to live harmoniously, within and without, BUT, I also wonder whether I am destined, in some way, to pursue the course laid out for me by my birth, interests, and apparent strengths.


There are many texts with references to this problem--i.e. Zhuang Zi's denial of court positions, or Confucius' concerns about virtue and socio-economic status--

But is there anyone who can give me a fresh, living view of this?


I ask

  • is being born into a life of [access to] education --- like being born to a wealthy family--- a privilege to be embraced or shunned?
  • can a life in higher education can be harmonious?

if so:

  • Can skills or positions gained through higher education be a harmonious influence on a community?
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Hello mnas2k, and welcome to the forums!


Glad to have you here :-)


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