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Entheogens, herbs, medicines

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I'm curious as to how many are currently including entheogen use in their practices, supplementing/balancing with herbs/tinctures, or experimenting with more conventional chemicals.


I was supplementing with adaptogens for about four months during a period of spiritual and physical fatigue - Ashwaghanda tincture, Rhodiola Rosea tea, Eleuthero tea, Schizandra capsules, and a daily mug of really strong Yerba Mate.


Taking these together kept my energy levels stable while I went through some deep physical exhaustion and spiritual forgetting.


I took several Chinese herbs and tinctures between then and now (at the recommendation of practitioners) for different conditions, to no avail.


Fast-forward six months... I have a powerful fascination with brain chemistry (particularly neurotransmitters right now) and have been supplementing with CDP-Choline, a precursor to Acetylcholine, Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) for GABA levels, and Passionflower extract for Serotonin levels.


The effects, and the chemistry of it are both beautiful. I express myself more easily, cry when tears need to be shed, feel joy when joy is needed, dream more deeply, think more holistically, and easily overcome mundane worries with laughter, creativity, and happiness.


No current entheogen use - I suspect I have some serious work to do before those will come into my life again (I've strayed a bit this past year and a half).


What, if anything, are you supplementing your life/practice with?

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