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The mind tends toward stillness but it is oppressed by craving...

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Life can travel from birth until death. To quote from Chuang-Tzu;


The true men of old did not know what it was to love life or to hate death. They did not rejoice in birth, nor strive to put off dissolution. Unconcerned they came and unconcerned they went. That was all. They did not forget whence it was they had sprung, neither did they seek to inquire their return thither. Cheerfully they accepted life, waiting patiently for their restoration (the end). This is what is called not to lead the heart astray from Tao, and not to supplement the natural by human means. Such a one may be called a true man. Such men are free in mind and calm in demeanor.”


...My life's experience as a young man began in the 1970's and drew me into learning, singing and teaching Jesus Christ. Along with the multiple quantity of churches, the members were taught complicated beliefs and were declined self growth. You heard, you listened, you sang and you prayed. You were pressured to believe that your heart was designed to listen, and to follow all that is being told to you. The mind of God, of Christ, and of the church knew the way. We, the followers, were the sheep. And surprisingly, we learned that sheep in the pastures followed their shepherds with blind devotion. Yet being human revealed more than we were being led to believe. We studied and watched. We learned and grew to enjoy our life. We folded away beyond the time of Church spirituality and began to taste, smell, and listen what we knew was universal help in life, in nature, in world and sky. We knew it was present.We listened and learned and read.

Our being alive did not state or reveal that we must all be the same. It breathed outward, "Be what you are"?


In the 1980's an over exposure from prolonged isocyanates used within an industrial coatings company/laboratory, made asthma began within my lungs. The lab ovens were not releasing their heated air to the outside. And the Spray Paint for applying the test panels and quality control units for computers, machines, lights and hundreds of American items eventually bothered my liver and bodily skin. In months time my cough helped pull my spine until that itself became the most difficult. With the addition of high Ibuprofen, muscle relaxant and alcohol, I completely injured my spine. Work ended. Disability came. And my body and mind pointed down the road of life much like a warrior hinting where I may be able to jump off the mountain side or shot a bullet through my head.

Direction introduced me to Feldenkrais ATM. The teacher also introduced me to Taoist Inner smile and Microcosmic meditation. The pathway led towards meditation, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Yin and Yang. In time, I was beginning to learn to abide in stillness and gradually enter the true way.

Known as receiving the Tao.

I am now 60 Yrs old. And although the last 15 years were very difficult, cruel and violent due through being married to a Psychopath, everything has changed. Divorce came. Not easy. She assaulted me and was arrested twice. In an effort to protect my children I did not push forward the legal restraining order and moved out with friends until the court would do so. When I came home, the home I bought, it was emptied, hurt and dirty. The last five years have been difficult and my plan to sell has not gone through until one month ago.

In almost a beautiful mysterious sense, a universal gesture has just moved forward. My home will sell by 11/24. My love Gaia Girl and I plan on moving to a beautiful, original 1800 one room school, that is now a sweet six room home. In the woods. Near ponds and lakes. Our cats, chickens, and our soon arrival of a Boston Terrier will add to our beauty of life. Friends and families? Blessed joy. Very near the mountain.

Chinese year of the Sheep will bless and we plan on getting married on the 1776 4th of July.

I'm back to hanging at Tao Bums.

And cultivating stillness...............

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