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Found this interesting today... others may


Chinese and Japanese Mythology. Although traditional Chinese and Japanese religions did not recognize a single powerful devil, they had demons. In Chinese legends, the souls of the dead become either shen, good spirits who join the gods, or gui, malevolent ghosts or demons who wander the earth, usually because their descendants do not offer them the proper funeral ceremonies.

Japanese mythology includes stories about demons called Oni, generally portrayed with square, horned heads, sharp teeth and claws, and sometimes three eyes. Oni may have the size and strength of giants. Although these demons are cruel and mischievous, some tales tell of Oni who change their ways and become Buddhist monks. (There is a good animation about this...Asura (アシュラ Ashura?) is a 2012 Japanese anime film directed by Keiichi Sato and based on a manga by George Akiyama.)

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I recall an Irish woman who could see spirits and from the accounts she gave the spirits causing trouble/ hauntings were unresolved dis-incarnate humans ... as in this realm, the spectrum of virtuous beings and wicked... why not a transference between... both in coming into and going out of.

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