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Terminology of sensations in my practice

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Help me put a name (jing, chi whatever?) on the following sensations:


1) Ecstatc feeling when I am running the MCO.


2) Pressure felt/vertebral popping behind my back on the kidneys after eating adzuki beans.


3) Unpleasant pressure (blue balls like) stagnating near the perineum, and slowly going up the spine, and at the lower abdomen. It generates bad mood and depression like symptoms. It builds with retention practice (mainly aroused). This energy looks useless and heavy I have difficulty with dealing with it.


4) Heat felt when I focus on the LDT.


5) Meditative state reached when I focus for a long time on LDT: tao? shen?


6) I know Water is the symbol of sexual energy for Kan and Li meditation.

Is Fire the Digestive fire/ Agni in indian terminology, the fire I feel when I am hungry? And what is "Wind"



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