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The essence of illusion is Pure Presence

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Illusory appearances, as groundless self-liberated

dharmakaya, manifest although non-existent, similarly to

reflections in a mirror. Pure Presence Itself functions

like the surface of the mirror. All reflections which

appear through multiple conditions simply appear in

Presence, but do not originate from Presence. Appearing,

they do not at all condition Presence. Reflections in the

mirror are simply the manifestation of circumstances.

Even if something manifests in the mirror, it is just an

appearance which is not really there. Thus, illusory

appearances in Presence do not really exist. Through the

mirror-base of Presence Itself, there is enlightenment.

When one understands the essence of the manifestation­

base of everything, which apprehends unceasing

reflections, one is freed from grasping the forms.

Therefore, illusions do not manifest from Presence. What

appears to be illusory is nothing other than Presence.

Thus the essence of illusory appearances is Presence

Itself. If one understands these marvelous appearances of

bondage and liberation where bondage and liberation do

not really exist, one transcends all bondage and liberation.

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