Closed eye visuals after nightmares

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I'm just writing about my experience here and then if you can share related/similar experiences, it might help in understanding things. Always nice to share our adventures on the path.

After my profound ayahuasca experience, I had several trippy (and scary) dreams, and when I woke up from those, I had a moving colors sensation for a minute or so when having my eyes closed. I nicknamed it "the projector matrix". It is a somewhat square-based animation of expanding rings of colors, and it gradually begins to become smaller (meaning more squares in the field of vision) in the time after the dream.

I thought it gone, but a few days ago I had another not-really-trippy wannabe-nightmare* and after waking up, there was the projector matrix again.

*) It was a dream where I was lying down and had difficulty turning my view around, but forced it and things were kinda shadowy there and then I woke up. That was the second dream recently where I actively and energetically confronted fear upfront, effectively not even acknowledging the experience as frightening, making it feel more like kicking nightmare-butt. ... I was actually disppointed that I woke up. Seems like those cowardly fears are hiding from me, haha.

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