Potential for Teaching via Internet/Forum?

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Hello, All!


I have been participating in SonOfTheGods NeiGong Forum/ PPF for a bit now and I have noticed an interesting pattern that I think may be worth sharing/ talking about.


The pattern is that more people read then share.


These are active, participatory, organic processes we are learning..so why not participate?


Does it have to do with the method of teaching (internet/ forum)?


How is that different, outside of the visual, from videos?


It is often difficult for those interested in these methods to learn from a skilled teacher and so many turn to videos and books.


Could a forum format such as this not be the next step up of that format?


If it is not so much about the quality of the format, is it the quality of the teachings?


I have enjoyed and experienced some good results from trying out what SOTG has shared with me. I also think that his theoretical knowledge is sufficiently deep.


Do others have different opinions? Yes. Does that mean that one is wrong? Maybe, maybe not.


That is the beauty of the forum format! All sides can share their objections, why they object and what they do differently!


Of course, there are many things that are dangerous and should not be shared so freely.


Does that mean we should share nothing at all?


There is a break, a schism, a disconnect between many who follow these Paths....We are often most blind to our own ignorance and failings then those of another. We will judge and criticize another before we look at our selves. Responsibility can be a jagged pill when filled with Truth.


To not just object, to clarify. This would be a far greater use of our time and the potential that is here.


I hope we can Accept Truth and open up avenues for betterment and Cultivation.



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