yin chi theory by ex member, grounding wire and documentary about earthing

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Today and yesterday when I stand my lower dan tien /stomach buzzes, my feet buzz, my third eye/head area buzz and kinda my heart buzzez (well just today a bit had a good day, normally am a little blocked there I will admit) with tons of energy


Even just sitting on a chair on the train I can follow my breath, and can feel the energy buzzing at my feet and going into the earth and being cleansed


so this whole idea that you cant get yin chi without a wire is most probably wrong,


I dont knock the whole idea of using a wire, in fact, I like connecting to the earth as much as possible


I got a grounding wire today and am going to use it during my qigong, on the computer, during art and during sleep (maybe 10-15 hours a day) after my dad got one after I showed him this documentary and during the first few days he said his pains went away drastically


When I was in mexico stepping in the sand would force me to my qigong because i felt the energy so strong, and the qigong was a lot different..



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