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i'm 50+, so have had the external fun; sports, martial arts, travel, meditation etc etc.

spent the last year living off the grid in a homemade RV.

now life is smoothing out to a more walking pace....

peaceful job..but with lower pay that does not allow beyond the necessary.

great reads

i have some artistic expressions that are wanting to manifest and might get there.

dunno, but would be nice to release it and get it off my mind.

i guess i am just wishing for a daily prompting/reminder to continue to slow and release and follow this new flow and try not to get back into a habit of cluttering it up. ya know? tired of being sick.

relaxing into the new minimal life and learning to enjoy and prosper from it.

not fighting/feeling restricted by it.

taking the time to listen and breathe a little.

thanks for this forum and best wishes to all.


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Hello and welcome to the Tao Bums.


You will now be able to post freely on the forum should you so wish but before getting started please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of the Lobby and take a look at the forum terms and rules This covers all that you need be aware of when getting started.


Good luck and best wishes,



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