What is the specific Chi form of a thought . . . (?)

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What form does a specific thought take in the Chi body . . . and where (?)


Presumably we all agree that specific thoughts can affect the body and emotions significantly.


Let's consider an example from "cognitive therapy". . . since that's one of the most definitive practical applications of it in western psychology.


Let's say I'm angry because I'm thinking "John should have done such-and-such" . . . and he didn't do it.

Bad, evil John. Bad, bad, bad.


Cognitive therapy helps me realize that my absolutist thinking about John . . . doesn't have a lot of actual evidence to support it. And when I do realize that . . . my anger evaporates.


So how does QiGong understand this (?)


What specific form was the thought "John should have done such-and-such" taking in my Chi body (?)

And where (?)



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