Different qualities and quantities of Chi . . .

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I'm always trying to further clarify and make explicit the understanding of Chi I've gained from various teachings and my own experience.

Any comments/contributions would be appreciated.



Chi apparently has two aspects: qualitative and quantitative.


QUALITATIVE: Chi can have different "vibrations", higher or lower (like octanes of gasoline).

Different qualities of Chi come from different sources (genetic, food, air, impressions) and are stored in different places.

One quality of Chi can also be refined into another, higher quality by certain processes.

And Chi can also be "multi-grade" (like raw air before it is processed) -- it has a combination of different qualities of Chi.



For each organ or process there is an ideal (most efficient) quality of Chi for its specific purpose.

Each also uses an ideal QUANTITY of that particular quality of Chi.

An "imbalance" of Chi in a specific organ/process can be either qualitative or quantitative or both: too much or too little of certain qualities of Chi. This is complicated by the fact that an organ or process can successfully use (although at a lesser efficiency) a lower or higher quality/quantity of Chi than is ideal.



Generally unknown to me:


(1) How many different qualities of Chi are there (?)
(2) Which qualities originate where (?)
(3) Which qualities are stored where (?)
(4) Which organs/processes use which and in what quantity (?)

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