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soaring crane

Baby Crane - video

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I just posted a video to my practice page:


I wanted to draw attention to it because it's Soaring Crane form (I took this name because this is the first long form that really resonated with me an It's still my favorite). I don't know how many TTB members are even aware of this form. It belongs to the newer Forms but has a very very interesting history behind it. It's relatively well-known here in Germany due to Petra Hinterthuer who brought it to Europe and integrated it into the teacher's certification program of the German Qigong Society.


In the video ... well, I explain it under the link. Enjoy :)


PS - the music in the video is one of my favorites for Qigong gorups. It's calld 'Fantastic Oboe Dreams' by German composer/musician 'Thors'. I've seen his CDs available at, they're worth looking for, really.

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