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Trapped Heat

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Hi bums, I was hoping for some advice with a sticky situation in my practice. I've seen a lot of posts on the forums about the dangers of retention, of which I'm well aware....but not much on what to do if things do get stuck.


Actually, I have not practiced much sexual gong fu but I do believe I have the symptoms of stagnant sexual energy. Not from any sexual practice gone awry, but from unhealthy habits as a teenager (avoiding release) long before I started any qi gong or meditation.


Now I've had a lot of time to work through the emotional issues that were at hand, but I still experience symptoms like frequent nighttime urination, genital tension, and mild ED (not enough for my partners to really notice, but I can tell there is a blockage). Its much better than it was a few years ago, but I'm really craving a good night sleep.


Its been diagnosed as ''turbidity in the lower burner obstructing kidney yang'' by a couple of different acupuncturists. Currently just started a course of 'niu huang jie du pian' to help clear heat but its still early on.


In my own qi gong practice, I've had a lot of difficulty generating enough power to open the blockage. The whole region from navel to pelvic floor responds very slowly, as if it were 'muddy' and only really wakes up after intensive breathing coupled with some breath retention. When I do feel the area wake up I feel a lot of trapped heat around the prostate and pelvic floor. No idea how to resolve it.


I'm looking for any suggestions on how to make consistent progress.


I have tried both celibacy and moderate sexual release without much result. Have also tried vegetarian and GF diet. Qi gong has helped the most but as I said I'm having a hard time generating enough inertia. Maybe just more practice? Any advice is much appreciated.

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