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'The Secret' thread is nice but I think we have been beating around the bush. As so many of us here are "energy workers" of one type or another I think it would be interesting to open up a discussion on what all of our realationship is to money.


Being in business and talking with some of you personally I know it's something most all of us deal with everyday. I certainly do. So how do you all deal with this powerful energy we call money? How do you view it in terms of your spiritual cultivation and realationships with others? Where do you see money as a tool for personal growth? a teacher? a burden? A motivator?


For me it's interesting to see where the boundary of where ego or self centeredness ends and helping others begins. For example, some people have commented that the "Secret" type of work is materialistic. But from the persective of oneness is there really any seperation between the material and the spiritual? In many ways arent they directly related?


Also, can't the 'manifestaiton' type of stuff be used to serve as much as for personal desires? For me, it sounds rather shallow to say "I want to become a millionaire" That might work great for others. But when I say "I want to become a millionaire so my parents don't have to work anymore". Or "I want to become a millionaire so I have more opportunities to study my spiritual interests and about enlightenment" This seems to change the energy of the desire, or gives it a purer type of energy.


So what do you think and feel? Maybe some of you came from a situation where money was always lacking and alot of the challenge is overcoming this internal sense of "lack". Where some people just seem to easily attract what we call "abundance". If so, how do you think these issues are best healed or dealt with? Where do positive attraction and thinking and negative attraction and thinking meet and transform into the other?


I have even read posts of some of you who apparently think of material things as "bad" and give them away. Where do material things or material success become a bad thing and spiritual success become good? Are one and the other compatible? If not, why not? Is it a quesiton of greed/ego? Not having merit? Not caring about other people? Not having a sense of compassion? Not being self centered enough?



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