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Where are the peaches of immortality?

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Once upon a time there was a great being. This being found some delicious peaches. He started eating those peaches and soon became strong and healthy. He continued to eat them and soon he learned to display remarkable abilities for his own amusement and that of others. People saw this, and started thinking -- "This being is the source of all great abilities", and in order to attain those abilities, they sneaked into this person's bathroom and ate poop out of his toilet. It made sense. The being is the source. The poop is what came out of the source. Eating what comes out of the source results in transmission. Doesn't it? Alas, no matter how much poop they ate, they got nothing but disappointment and hunger.


The great being was either cruel or stupid and just failed to mention the peaches to people he kept finding in his bathroom. It's a shame, because the peaches grow all over the place, but the bathrooms are rare and hard to get to. You have to make a special arrangement to eat poop out of someone's toilet, but no such special arrangement is needed to each the peaches.


The end.

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