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I've been trying to place Yggdrasil on the map during Pangaea and have followed continents around the world back to their rooted places in prehistory.

I was utterly inspired by a speech made by a member about true historians... and compelled by intuitive heartfelt connection to follow up on a creation myth in the book: Other council fires were here before ours.

I've come to suspect the the majority features of the earth are evidence of the surfacing and digging of Yggdrasil's roots include the peaking and high mountain ranges and deep surface depressions such as but not limited to the Rockies, Andes, Cascades, Appalachians, Mediterranean and Red Seas, Persian gulf, the Himalayas south end depressions bordering India and running toward the majority coastline of east Asia...

Whence the tree was torn apart and the roots died off, volcanoes emerged in the hollowing out underside and the landmasses are being "tilled", so to speak, into the oceans where the deepest parts of the roots dug down.

Desperate living rootlings nearer the surface sprouted into new expressions of the myriad plants of our world, and many incredible and fantastic expressions of life, certainly and utterly lost to myth and make believe.

The series of earth's events and history are self evident now, with satellite images of the world's surface, look and listen with an open heart to hear, read, see, and understand the history that has brought us to this point in time where we are now.

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