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Secret of the Golden Flower

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What do yall want to share about this practice? I understand it is special. Please fill me in? :lol:


Hi there! Yes, it is a very special 'ancient' text, that was orally transmitted for centuries, and first

written down around the 15th or 16th century. It belongs to the Complete Reality Sect of Taoism,

and teaches a process for realizing your full human potential.


There are four Englsuh translations of the text, that I'm aware of. Richard Wilhelm was the first to

translate it from the original Chinese, and introduce it to the West; which translation was rendered

into English. The two best English translations, however, are those by Thomas Cleary and E. Wong.


Two Online Versions of It:-


1) => @


2) => @ ~


However, the Master said that: "Through one action, the fruits of a hundred thoughts are realized."

(cf. @ ) The meaning of this, of course,

is that your study must be grounded or rooted in practise! In other words, the Secret is not (nor can

it be) comprehended apart from real practise.

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